“It probably started when Pleasant broke up, so it started at the beginning of 2007,” says Maria Albani of her latest project and solo vehicle, Organos. “I was still wanting to play but didn’t have anybody to play with, so I started recording bass lines.” From there she added parts: layered vocal melodies, clattering makeshift percussion—”I started using things like spoons and bottles,” she says.

But this solitary outlet was meant to be just that. “I never really intended to put a band together. That was never the goal,” says Albani.

Then Nathan White (aka Nathan Oliver) added a glockenspiel. Wes Phillips added percussion. The crew recorded an EP for Pox World Empire (release date TBA). Phillips, White, North Elementary’s John Harrison, Schooner’s Reid Johnson and Phillips’ wife and Albani’s long-time friend, Theresa Stone-Phillips, enlisted, and the band made its debut at last month’s Liminal Festival. “When it’s live, all the same instruments are used that are on the recordings of the song,” Albani says. So the rhythmic quirk, playful melodies and nontraditional percussion are as prominent on stage as on Organos’ inviting lo-fi recordings. —Bryan Reed